Seasons Epoxy Resin Colour Kit – Spring

Seasons Epoxy Resin Colour Kit - Spring

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Mix Ratio2:1 Mix ratio by volume, Part A - Part B
Working TemperatureThe ideal room temperature for the epoxy to cure is 25°C, however, will perform well from 18°C upwards, temperatures lower than 15°C will likely result in a poor finish.
Work Time25 - 30 Minutes on a 200g mix at 25°C
Cure Time24 Hours on a 200g mix at 25°C. Full cure is 7 days.
Thickness Per LayerMaximum pour depth is 20mm per pour. For deeper casts you do multiple layers to get your required depth.
Viscosity (Thickness)Low level of viscosity making it easy to work. When mixed, viscosity at 25 °C is 600 - 900 [mPa s]
Pigments Can be AddedPigments, dyes, pearlescent, luminescence etc. will all typically work quite well with the Clearpox epoxy systems.
Clean UpSolvents such as xylene, toluene, denatured alcohol, and acetone will be the best choice for cleaning up any mixed uncured epoxy.

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