Our warehouse is located in Murarrie, Brisbane. (Please note this is not a retail store – we are an online shop only at this stage) 

We’re an online store at this stage, however, we’re looking at getting a retail space in the near future.

We are able to ship goods anywhere in Australia, excluding Tasmania. Goods are shipped from our warehouse in Murarrie, Brisbane (QLD 4172). All freight costs are calculated from this location.

Unfortunately no.  For goods such as epoxy resin shipping to Tasmania incurs additional costs which are not calculated by the online checkout.

Please allow 3 business days for your order to be dispatched. Depending on where you’re located in Australia, shipping can take from 2-5 business days. Once your order is dispatched you will receive a tracking number from SHIPPIT, our delivery partners.

As we’re currently an online store, you can order products online 24/7. 

We’re 100% Australian owned and manufactured here in our warehouse in Murarrie, Brisbane.

Our epoxy resin is 2:1 by volume. 

The heat resistance for our epoxy resin is 80 degrees celsius once fully cured.

The cure time depends on the ambient temperature; if it's hotter it will cure quicker. Generally, please allow 24 hours for your resin to cure at 25 degrees Celsius. Your project will be fully cured after 7 days.

We made the decision to not put additives in our products, which makes the maximum pour depth for our epoxy resin 20mm per pour. This way, you’ll have a longer product life, better quality and more heat resistance! 

You most certainly can pour in two lots. Pour the second layer once the first layer has set up and isn't too hot. Within an hour or so it should be fine. This will be a chemical adhesion and won't delaminate. If you wait until it's fully cured you will need to sand the surface for the next layer to stick, and this process would be a mechanical adhesion. Bear in mind the more resin you mix and pour in one time, the hotter it will get. Ambient temperature and working times will need to be adjusted. You might want to look at ventilating the room.

Our Epoxy Resin can definitely be used on kitchen countertops. If you're looking for a clear finish we'd recommend using one of our Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin Kits. If you're after a bit of colour you can always add in your choice of Piñata Alcohol Ink or Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments.

You can find all our data sheets here.

Post cure is not required - it’s just an optional additional step.

How much resin you’ll need depends on your project, however, as a guide 1ltr will cover approximately 1000cm3. Try our free volume calculator here.

Our resin is non toxic and no VOC once fully cured.

Our hardener is formulated to have less yellowing under UV rays compared with other hardeners. For our TDS please go to https://clearpox.com.au/technical-and-safety-data-sheets/

The ideal room temperature for the epoxy to cure is 25°C, however, will perform well from 18°C upwards, temperatures lower than 15°C will likely result in a poor finish.

Clearpox products need to be stored in a cool area, out of direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months.

Yes, it works great for marine constructions!

Yes it will be more than suitable for kit planes. It’s a pure epoxy and we have clients that use this for Aerospace, Marine Construction, Composites and much more.

Yes you can, works perfect for laminating with any fibreglass cloth. 

It needs to be thoroughly mixed, depending on the volume anywhere from 4-5 minutes. Let it sit for another 5 minutes before using.

We recommend using Piñata Alcohol Inks and Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments which you can find on our website. Different pigments, dyes, pearlescent, luminescence etc. will all typically work well with our epoxy resin too, however, we recommend small scale testing to help you determine how much pigment suits your needs and to test compatibility before using it on a full scale.

Our epoxy resin is 80 - 85 Shore D Hardness.

Once fully cured it will set rock hard. No fingerprints. It takes 24 hours to cure hard and 7 days to fully cure.

Our epoxy resin is super high gloss and will look like glass.

If you would like some examples from our customers just search for #Clearpox #MadewithClearpox on both Instagram and Facebook or check out our Featured Artists Blog posts. 

The mixing cups are also used as painting cups. The percentage marks are for in case you want to add a percentage of thinner into your product. 2 parts base, 1 part hardener and 10 or 20 percent thinners.

Try our free volume calculator

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