Flowers in epoxy resin

What can I use for cool epoxy resin effects?

What can I use for cool epoxy resin effects? Epoxy resin is the ideal medium for anyone who wants to …

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Featured Artist: George Panayotakis (BillyGoat Brushworks)

Name: George Panayotakis Occupation: Shaving brush Artisan Business Name: BillyGoat Brushworks 1. Can you tell us a bit about the …

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Epoxy Resin And Wood

How can I use epoxy resin with wood?

One of the best things about epoxy resin is its versatility, along with the fact that it works so well with …

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Detail of Skilled Artisan Carpenter Working on a Piece of Furniture with Epoxy Resin in his Workshop

Top 6 epoxy resin mistakes for beginners and how to avoid them

While epoxy resin is an easy material to work with, even for novices, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. …

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Photo of resin artist Georgie K

Featured Artist: Georgie Koutouzis (Georgie K Design)

Name: Georgie Koutouzis Occupation: Freelance Resin Artist Business Name: Georgie K Design 1. Can you tell us a bit about …

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Epoxy Resin Wall Art

3 ideas for epoxy resin wall art

Creating your own works of art with epoxy resin doesn’t require too much skill or experience, so even a beginner …

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