Featured Artist: George Panayotakis (BillyGoat Brushworks)

Name: George Panayotakis

Occupation: Shaving brush Artisan

Business Name: BillyGoat Brushworks

1. Can you tell us a bit about the types of products you make?

I primarily make Shaving Brushes for wet shavers and I’ve also started making resin handled razors.

2. What motivated you to start making these types of products?

It’s a very sentimental thing for me. My father passed away when I was very young and the only items I have from him are his 2 shaving brushes and shave mug. I hope that my brushes can become a beloved piece in someone’s family and be passed down in generations.

3. What products and tools do you use when making your products?

I use Clearpox Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin for my handles and either a synthetic or a natural hair for the knots. I use a variety of tools to create my blanks but my main tool would be my lathe.

4. Why do you use epoxy resin for your business BillyGoat Brushworks?

Epoxy resin is very easy to work with. When mixing, you don’t have to be exact, as long as you’re around the right mark when mixing. Unlike polyester, where you only have a pot life of about 8 minutes and the product can become very brittle. Epoxy is also great when working with wood as it adheres very nicely.

5. Why is Clearpox your choice of epoxy resin?

Clearpox is easy to use and it turns great on a lathe. Part A and part B mix very well together with no odour and it’s crystal clear when buffed and polished.

6. Do you have any tips or tricks you can give our readers when using epoxy resins?

Take your time and don’t rush. Have everything prepared before you start mixing. If you’re casting, make sure you clean and prep the items you wish to cast to get maximum adhesion.

7. What other artists inspire you at the moment?

Bensworx on YouTube is a great inspiration as he casts and turns some really cool stuff.
Nick Zametti is another resin artist who casts and turns some really crazy stuff.

Check out George’s work here and follow BillyGoat Brushworks on Instagram: @billy_goat_brushworks.
Inspired to start creating beautiful projects with resin yourself? Check out the Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin Kit George uses.

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