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Stone Fusion Countertop Epoxy Resin

$185.95$660.90 inc. GST

Stone Fusion Countertop Epoxy Resin

$185.95$660.90 inc. GST

Built for the professionals, Stone Fusion Countertop Epoxy mixes top-notch durability with the kind of look you’d want for high-quality kitchen, bathroom, and business projects. It’s tough, good for the environment, and won’t easily get damaged, making it perfect for creating durable workspaces or countertops that look great. Whether you’re working on a small job or a big one, we’ve got the right size options to cover your needs. With Stone Fusion, you can get that granite or marble appearance without the high cost, and you can tweak it to fit what you or your client wants. Heads up, though: This epoxy is for those who know their way around resin work because it needs a bit of skill to use right.

Customer Notice:

Stone Fusion Epoxy is made with professional projects in mind, as it’s more complex than standard resin. It is advised to have a good handle on how to work with resin before diving into this range.

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Embark on a home transformation journey with Stone Fusion Countertops, your gateway to the forefront of epoxy countertops and resin craftsmanship!

Our Stone Fusion Epoxy Countertops, known for their durability, are not only scratch-proof and heat-tolerant but also eco-friendly and impact-resistant. Designed to handle the rigors of a busy household, they effortlessly resist damage from hot plates, accidental impacts, and everyday wear and tear.

With Stone Fusion Epoxy, the power of creation is in your hands, enabling the replication or innovation of designs that range from the classic elegance of granite or marble to avant-garde custom pieces, all within a budget-conscious framework. This food-safe, UV-resistant, and heat-resistant formulation ensures safety and durability, inviting professionals to shape spaces that truly reflect their vision.

Coverage and Application Insights:

  • 3L Kit: Ideal for small projects, covering up to 2.5m²
  • 6L Kit: Perfect for medium-sized applications, providing coverage for up to 5m²
  • 12L Kit: Suited for larger areas, with enough material to cover up to 10m²
  • 15L Kit: Our most extensive offering, designed for expansive projects, covering up to 13m²

Deep pours should be approached with caution.  Pre-sealing wood surfaces is crucial for optimal adhesion and finish.

Professional Note:

Stone Fusion Epoxy is crafted for those with a solid grounding in resin techniques, reflecting the sophistication and complexity of its application. This product is best suited for professionals or those with a significant level of experience in resin artistry.

Finishing Touches:

Consider our Clearpox Epoxy Resin for an exquisite finish to ensure your creations stand the test of time with unparalleled durability and scratch resistance.

Discover the simplicity and remarkable outcomes that Stone Fusion Countertops bring to your projects. With our diverse offerings in epoxy countertops, resin woodworking, epoxy flooring, and innovative shower solutions, you can creatively revamp your kitchen, bathroom, or any area of your home.

Stone Fusion Countertops don’t just offer a renovation; they promise an extraordinary transformation. Start creating your exceptional space today.

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3L, 6L, 12L, 15L


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