Epoxy Resin Wall Art

Creating your own works of art with epoxy resin doesn’t require too much skill or experience, so even a beginner can achieve a beautiful and unique piece.

We show you how with our epoxy resin art ideas — epoxy resin photography, a beach scene and epoxy resin abstract art.

Equipment checklist

The basic equipment you will need for each project will be the same:

You’ll find several of the above items (epoxy resin, epoxy hardener, a measuring cup and stirrer) in our Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin Kit.

Epoxy resin cast photography

If you have a favourite photograph that you’d love to display in your home, frame it yourself with our epoxy resin photography project.

In addition to the basics, you’ll need:

  • Your image printed on glossy photo paper
  • A wooden art panel to fit your photograph
  • Spray adhesive
  • Plastic spreader
  • Cardboard box with the flaps cut off or plastic box without lid

Step 1

Stick your photo onto the wooden panel using spray adhesive. Smooth it down to get rid of any air bubbles.

Step 2

According to the packet guidelines, work out how much epoxy resin you need to mix up. Put on your gloves, safety glasses and face mask and mix according to the instructions.

Step 3

Pour the resin onto your photograph and spread it to the edges using the plastic spreader.

Step 4

Disperse any bubbles with your hair dryer or heat gun, pricking any leftover ones with a toothpick.

Step 5

Cover your work of art with the cardboard or plastic box for 24 hours or until dry.

Step 6

Now your image is ready to hang and take its pride of place in your home!

Epoxy resin beach scene

Epoxy resin art as a beach scene is an easy project for a beginner. The resin provides a glossy look, lending itself perfectly to the sheen of the ocean.

You’ll need to grab the following items as well as the essentials:

  • A selection of Piñata alcohol inks (our suggested colours are 017 Sapphire Blue, 019 Baja Blue, 030 Blanco and 035 Brass)
  • A round wooden art panel
  • Small plastic cups for the different colours
  • Plastic blocks (Lego will do) to raise your art panel off your working surface
  • Cardboard box with the flaps cut off or plastic box without lid

Step 1

Set up your plastic blocks and lay your art panel on top. This will allow resin to run off the sides as you create your picture. (Make sure your work surface is covered.)

Step 2

Put on your gloves, safety glasses and face mask and then mix up your epoxy resin according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 3

Divide the resin equally between the plastic cups, one for each colour. Shake the ink bottles and add a few drops to each plastic cup of resin. Mix well. Allow the resin to rest for 15 minutes before you start creating your art.

Step 4

Use the Brass colour first to create your beach. Add it to the edge that’s closest to you, spreading it out and over the sides.

Step 5

Next, add the Sapphire Blue mix to the opposite edge of the panel. Spread it out and over the sides.

Step 6

Now add the Baja Blue colour underneath the Sapphire Blue layer. Keep adding it in layers, leaving a small gap before you reach the Brass layer.

Step 7

To create your waves, drop a thin line of the Blanco resin in the gap between the beach and the ocean.

Step 8

Add two or three more lines of Blanco resin in the ocean part of your picture.

Step 9

Use the hair dryer to push the “waves” back and forth, creating peaks and crests. Drag the toothpick through the resin to create your own unique effects.

Step 10

Use the hair dryer or heat gun to remove any bubbles, pricking any smaller ones with a toothpick.

Step 11

Cover your artwork with the box for 24 hours or until completely dry.

Step 12

Now for the big reveal…admire your unique beach scene, ready to hang in your home!

Epoxy resin abstract art

This is the perfect project for anyone nervous about making epoxy resin art, as it’s very hard to make mistakes in abstract art.

You’ll need these extra pieces of equipment:

  • A wooden art panel (round or square)
  • Plastic blocks (Lego will do) to raise your art panel off your working surface
  • Primer
  • Paintbrush or roller to apply the primer
  • Acrylic paints in the colours of your choice
  • Plastic cups, one for each paint colour

Step 1

Paint the primer on your art panel and set aside to dry.

Step 2

Once dry, put your art panel on the plastic blocks to raise it off your working surface (which should be covered to catch any drips).

Step 3

Put on your gloves, safety glasses and face mask before mixing your epoxy resin according to the packaging instructions.

Step 4

Share out the resin equally between the plastic cups, using a fresh one for each colour.

Step 5

Add a small amount of one acrylic paint to a plastic cup of resin. Mix well. Then pour onto your art panel.

Step 6

Repeat this stage for each of the paint colours. You can stand the panel on its side between each colour to create patterns.

Step 7

Once you’ve poured all your colours, use a hair dryer to shift the paint around the panel, create patterns and get rid of any air bubbles. Remove any remaining air bubbles with a toothpick.

Step 8

Cover your panel with a box and leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 9

Unveil your artwork when completely dry and hang in your home. You’ll be impressed with your artistic skills once you see it in place!

Shop epoxy resin art supplies

For your epoxy resin art kit, visit our online shop. We’ve got what you need to create beautiful and unique works of art, from resin and hardener to coloured inks.

If you’d like any help with your purchase, feel free to contact our team, who will be happy to advise you on the items you need for your exciting home décor projects.

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